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Zu Audio – Omen Bookshelf Mk.2

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Ferrari Red | Stereophile Cover Pearl Blue

Two extremely cool finishes are now in stock. Custom finishes are special and unique finishes that will give a look beyond anything you have ever seen from a loudspeaker. Ferrari Red is imported from Ferrari and gives your speakers a finish only very few people have.

Omen Bookshelf Mk2 is the smaller and more compact model of the Omen Mk2, which is really great for those where the space could have an importance. Just like the Omen Mk2 this one have been through some serious upgrades and improvements since the Mk1 model.

  • New 10.3″ Zu260FRD/ND nanotech/paper full-range driver
  • Cabinet is a closed construction, just like the smaller Cube
  • Now with complete Zu Mission Mk.2 internal cabling
  • ZuB3 connection (speakON 8-pol connector)
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Omen Bookshelf Mk.2 features some pretty serious upgrades over the original. Biggest of the differences is the new nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone driver. This new 10” full-range driver uses the same great Zu260 motor assembly, combined with their new nanometer materials matrix and proprietary lay-up gives the perfect combination of classic Zu tone and resolving transparency. The change in capacitors is also a pretty healthy step forward in treble resolution, switching from the PulseX to the ClarityCap MR. Tolerances between matched pair have also tightened up for even better stereophonic realism; now .5% match on drivers and 0.1% on all other electrical parts.

The Omen series represent the meat and potatoes of what Zu is about, standardized and designed for high-volume loudspeaker production—the only way to get this level of quality, performance, and good looks at this price. Their drivers, machine work, cabinetry, finish, assembly, packaging, all done by Zu Audio in Ogden, Utah.

Even though Omen series are their entry level loudspeaker, they are still built to last a lifetime: cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies… every component is a high quality part designed to perform.

Mk.2  improvements vs. Mk.1

  1. New nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone assembly (Zu260FRD) driver.
  2. Machined aluminum nameplate with laser engraving that also facilitates ZuB3 input and parallel 5-way binding posts.
  3. Mission Mk.II internal cable harness, not just Mission level hookup wire.
  4. ClarityCap MR capacitors on the high-pass network, matched to within 1/50th of a microfarad or better.
  5. Revised high-pass network values for better transparency and driver blending.
  6. Tighter tolerancing and improved full-range driver matching algorithms for improved tone and stereophony.

Tips to get better sound from Bookshelf Mk.2

  • Make sure to decouple Bookshelf from hard surfaces. This will ensure not to get resonances, or resounding effects that will cause bad sound. This can be done by putting some kind of soft material underneath the speaker (foam pads forexample) and there will be no limit to where you can place them

  • Put Bookshelf on a pair of beautiful stands. This gives you the opportunity to place them the right way with the right angle and you will also get them in the perfect ear height

  • Even though Bookshelf have been getting high-intensity factory burn-in for 300 hours they can have been in a warehouse or transported in cold weather. Therefore you need to give them several days to ”warm up” before they will return to give you their best


Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 45.8 cm

Ferrari® Red, Maple, Electric Blue, Maple, Ghost Black, Maple, Sangria Red, Rustic Hickory, Stereophile® Cover Pearl Blue, Walnut, American


50-25 kHz


97 dB-SPL 1W, 1m


12 Ohms


4-200 watts

Made By

Zu Audio, on their own facilities in Ogden, Utah – U.S.A


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