This phono preamp will give you a superb musical performance from low-output moving coil few others at the price are able to match.

The ‘Fanfare’ is from Graham Slee’s budget ‘Gram Amp’ range which offers fabulous performance with excellent value for money.

The Gram Amp 3 Fanfare is for low output moving coil cartridges, and is best used into a preamp, integrated amp or receiver’s line/aux input.

It is supplied with a basic (“green energy”) power supply which self adjusts to your voltage, and with power-pins fitted to suit your power outlet — and you can upgrade by swapping over to PSU1 power when you’re ready or you can get it delivered with PSU1 by choosing it in the dropdown menu before putting it into the basket.

Redesigned in 2015, the Gram Amp 3 Fanfare has even better dynamics and speed which means it captures much more of the excitement and subtleties in your music.

It will be like discovering your record collection all over again.

  • MC phono pre-amp dedicated to MC pickups
  • Amazing soundquality with excellent value-for-money
  • Hand build english quality product
  • Don’t judge the size, it sounds incredible