For the first time ever, Cayin is introducing their brand new in-ear monitor headphone YB04. A headphone that must be said to be extremely well constructed and exude exclusivity. Unpacking them is a pleasure in itself! Included in the box is a super nice leather case to protect them with, as well as ear plugs, each in different sizes and with different sound levels, depending on which you choose.

The sound is right out of the box really god! Expect a detail richness you have rarely experienced before on in-ear headphones. It is super important to use the right earplugs so that they sit VERY tight in your ears, to get the best bass performance. The bass in general will take some time to really unfold as these headphones require quite a bit of burn-in time


  • Knowles/Sonion BA Combination
  • CNC aluminium enclosure
  • 8-wire Unidirectional Crystalized OFC x Silver Alloy cable
  • High Quality 3.5mm Gold Plated Connector
  • Hexagon Design Aluminum Spliiter
  • Gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin Connectors