Demo model that has been used exclusively for demonstrations in our store. No errors at all and comes with Shuguang tubes. An incredibly beautiful amplifier, with an exceptional sound, at a really good price!


A-300B Mk2 is a SE (single ended) integrated class A amplifier, which also can be used as a power amplifier.  Power output is rated at 8 watts pr. channel but sounds like a lot more and it will bring you a sound that you will never come close to in a traditionel transistor amplifier. With 8 watts it can have a great impact which speakers you are using. Typical most people will look after some speakers with a higher sensitivity (92-94db and up), but even with a lower it will sound fantastic. Our own Zu Audio speakers starts from 97db and up, which definitely will be a great match to such amplifier (see them here)

New features in this Mk2 version:

  • New improved sonic circuitry on the first generation of A-300B
  • New added high precision VU meter on the top plate
  • Bias adjustment and Hum balance easily done outside
  • New protection circuitry for power and audio transformers
  • Silver plated high purity copper internal signal wiring
  • All point to point wiring (hand soldering)
  • High quality Japan ALPS motorized volume control
  • 2 x 6SN7 + 2 x 6SL7 for pre-amplifier stage