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Audion – Silver Night 300B Anniv. Hard Wired

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AWARD – Amplifier of the year in Japan 2010. This amplifier was originally reviewed by Sam Tellig, who was the man to put Audion on the world map.

Audion Silver Night Anniversary 300B hard wired Integrated 5 channel stereo is Audions intermediate power amplifier, using the well known 300B tubes. This amplifier is hand built and point to point hard wired (Air Wired©)  avoiding the use of Chinese components where possible. This triode based integrated stereo power amp uses no (zero) feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.

Having a volume control on the front and 5 channel stereo inputs on the rear means that a pre-amplifier is not necessary with this unit, but is advised, and compulsory if you wish to use a turntable . All Audion amps are auto biased. The 300B amp comes with JJ300B tubes.

The Silver Night Stereo range can reproduce subtleties and nuances in music that can not be found in other amps of this price. The 300B gives a good overall sonic performance from a well known tube.

  • JJ 300B tubes – one of the best tubes!

  • Point to Point hard wired amplifier design, with only the best of the best components

  • 2 x 7 watts class A in 8 ohms

  • Up to 5 analog connections via RCA

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