As many of you may have noticed, the category of “headphones” has been empty for a while. It should be no secret, that for a long time we have been looking for a serious headphone brand that can represent a wide range of models. Not only on the sound quality, but also the whole feeling of sitting with a quality product no matter the price range. We are really excited to introduce you all to ZMF Headphones, which will now be available in Denmark through Blue Cat Audio.

ZMF headphones are by no means ordinary mainstream headphones made from plastic materials. These headphones are also not a stock item at ZMF, but are manufactured by special order.

The headphones are 100% handmade, which also means that each model looks different. The feeling of quality already comes when you receive them because they arrive in a so-called flight case. One of the most common forms of packaging used on extremely expensive speakers. The build quality, comfort and for not to mention the sound quality as a whole, are incomparable to anything else on the market. And yes! These include STAX, Beyerdynamic, Grado, Focal etc. which more or less are similar to modern gaming headsets.

Zach Mehrbach, the man behind ZMF started as a guitar builder in his parents’ basement 15 years ago. On hobby level, he has worked on modifying, designing and building headphones. For the last 6 years, this has been his full-time job, in collaboration with his wife Bevin Mehrbach (co-founder), which has earned wide acclaim worldwide. The experience and knowledge Zach has gained from construction and designing acoustic guitars is exactly what he is putting directly into these amazing headphones.

There is absolutely no doubt that when talking about headphones of the very highest class in construction, perfomance and quality, you have to have ZMF headphones in mind. These are in a class where very few have any chance to be a competitor, if that even exist

Hand built in the US – when only the best is good enough.

Take a look at the models by Clicking here!